Peeks into the Present and Future of SEO

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The dawn of computer sciences has led the internet to progress gradually. We have advanced from the humans who had little information about the tools and strategies of the Internet to tech savvy minds and souls today. We possess every intricate detail about how to reap the fruits of successes from the tools of the internet. We have indeed ‘evolved’ in the true spirit.

Possibly it would be much better if we divide the segment of life, of how the Search Engine Optimization has evolved and progressed to become the indispensable necessity of the businesses today.

History of SEO:


SEO, without which an organization cannot run its business successfully today, has unprecedented and rapidly evolving history. The phrase ’SEO’ was initially coined in the late 90’s by Bruce Clay. This man ultimately popularized the SEO to the extent that is being employed by the businesses worldwide today.
Rightly stated as the process wherein the keywords are framed in a way to attract the attention of the users, the SEO was originally not encumbered with the analytical tools as it is today. It was a simple competition between close to perhaps a dozen of websites that competed on the basis of their keyword density, tagging their websites, etc.

It was only when the popular or what we call the forefront search engines of today’s era came into existence like the Google and the Yahoo that the database definitions began with their alteration.
When the people and the database analysts woke up to smell the coffee, they realized that sufficing the addition of only the keywords stuffed into a website would not meet their requirements of letting in the web traffic. Therefore the process of evolution started.

Evolution of SEO:

The first ever major evolution in the field was made in 2005 when the Google search engine began to personalize the search results separately, but the people opined differently, which led the search engine optimizers to launch a campaign which heavily focused on the search of all the users. This amalgamated searching technique linked the users to the most frequented website.

This became the edifice of what the people generally call the ‘Google instant’. This made the websites to be searched effectively along with semantic understanding of the various web pages. This user focused search definitely made the middle ages of the SEO a remarkable focused time for the expansion of usability.

Picture of SEO in 2015:

The Google trends and the Google analytics have made the picture of SEO so appeasing to the business organizations today. Amped up escalations of the SEO rankings along with the user friendly interfaces of the websites have strongly made SEO a notable embodiment worth usage.

The various tools which have made a website interactive with the consumers today are:
Knowledge graph from Google – This tool helps the users to get quick answers, analyzing the trend of the various questions that are frequently asked online. The result of the same can be easily viewed through the SERPs which are the Search Engine Result Pages.

Google Adwords– The adwords have subsequently helped in a two way purpose. The first of which is advertising the website and the second being of the marketing of the website being created.


CMS– Effective content management system is the king that plays to rule the roost of the people today. Since it strongly affects the minds and visual power of the users it has increased the potential of a website.

Thus, we stand at crossroads today where on one side there is an unsurpassed development of the SEO claiming at us while on the other we have intense lacking of security and privacy. Thanks to the SEO!

Future of the SEO:

Though SEO has certainly come a long way from being a monotone platform where only the display of content was possible to now be an interactive session imbibing user. With the gradual transformation of the internet, the users expect the elevation so that they can develop a brand name eventually.
Perhaps the ‘in app content’ would be the next thing that we can expect from the developers of the search engine techniques and methodologies. Experimentation with the voice enabled searches have already begun to be loaded with their codes in the search engines, but we still have an ardent wait for a technological bent which ensures the privacy of the users as well.

Creating a dominant presence over the social and digital networks, the newer methodologies of SEO might have striking features that would certainly be out of the box.


Optimization thus, forms a large proportion of earning by the major corporate enterprises. Thus, the developers and the experts in the field of SEO have been developing and introducing reforms to provide the requisite supplementary additions to the optimization techniques.